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KCC founder Todd Kelly has coached basketball for almost 20 years at the high school, junior college and university levels. Throughout that time he has gained valuable experience and in depth knowledge of the entire college selection process. More importantly he has learned how to help families navigate the process and find the right college at the right price. At Kelly College Consulting our staff strives to educate families on the college selection process and help families find a school that is the right fit and is affordable. KCC is the only college counseling service that can guarantee that we will save you time and money with the college selection process.

Our staff will walk each client through the entire process step by step and will make sure each family is well educated on how to find the right school at the right price. We have helped hundreds of families save tens of thousands of dollars and we can do the same for you.
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Top 5 Things to Consider

When choosing the right college!

Packages offered

We will help you step by step

Student- Athlete Package

● Financial Aid and Financial Aid Appeals
● Review of tuition bills and financial aid packages
● Campus Visits (who to talk to, what questions to ask)
● Explanation of each level and what can be offered
● Introduction into the thought process of college coaches
● Introduction into the mindset of college admissions and financial aid departments
● Help with understanding the athletic recruitment process

Student package

● Admissions process
● Applications
● Help figuring out the best fit for you
● Financial aid process
● Appeals
● Campus Visits

Transfer package

● Admissions process
● Applications
● Recruiting process
● Help figuring out the best fit for you
● Campus visits
● Financial aid process
● Appeals

Kelly College Consulting strives to help families find the right college at the right price. We want to help students identify the college that is right for them. Every student has a school that is the perfect fit for them, that can offer everything that they want in a college experience. At Kelly College Consulting we walk families through an 7 step process to try to identify that institution. We work with families starting as early as the end of a students sophomore year to began to help them find the perfect fit. We meet with our clients either weekly or bi-monthly to help them with this process.

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1. Financial

a. Am I being offered a scholarship

b. Is it a full scholarship? Partial ? How much is left to cover after the scholarships

2. How much does the school really want me?

a. Is the staff in weekly contact with you

b. Have they taken the time to build a relationship with you and your family

c. Have you been speaking with the HEAD COACH or just assistants

3. Will you have a chance to play right away or will you be a developmental player

a. What’s the schools roster composition

b. What position does the coaching staff see you playing

4. How good will the team be in the upcoming years

a. How good was the team last season

b. What is the coaches record? Has he had success

c. Who are the incoming freshman/ transfers

5. How do you fit in with the team

a. Does their style of play match yours

b. Have you played with the teams in open gym/pickup games

c. Do you think you fit in with the team culture

Top 5 things to consider when choosing a college

1. Location, Location ,Location

a. Close to home vs far away from home
b. Urban, city campus vs suburban campus vs small town
2. Size of the campus
a. Large campus 10k+ vs Medium 5k-10k vs Small 5k or less
3. Major
a. Do you know what you want to major in ?
b. Does the school have your major
4. Campus Environment
a. Do you feel comfortable at the school. Do you feel like you fit in there
5. Financial
a. Is the school in your price range
b. What types of academic scholarships are available at that school
c. How much government aid do you qualify for, if any